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There is a very good reason why countless former back and neck pain and sciatica pain sufferers are saying non-surgical Cold Laser Decompression (CLD) has helped them get their life back. This amazing breakthrough was originally developed in Canada and Europe but refined and revolutionized right here in America and is responsible for cracking the code for thousands of former back and neck pain and sciatica pain sufferers worldwide. Many have previously tried everything to relieve their pain and were thought to be hopeless cases. Many were told that there was nothing else to be done for them and that they would just have to live with the pain. So if you are one of the millions suffering from; sciatica; herniated discs; bulging discs; degenerative discs; chronic lower back pain; neck pain; arm pain; neuropathy or fibromyalgia; just imagine living the rest of your life pain free. Imagine waking up tomorrow morning with your pain GONE. Imagine how much easier your live would be if you could just be pain free once and for all.

Many modern doctors are saying this amazing technology has revolutionized back and sciatica pain treatments and may make spinal surgery and other treatments much less popular. Even many failed back surgery patients have finally found relief after surgery made them worse. With this newer technology it becomes obvious that many may have never needed surgery in the first place. The facts about back surgery are available and they show that back surgery has had very disappointing results. A 2001 study found that back surgery only very seldomly cures the patient and only about 29% of the patients assessed themselves as “much better” in the surgical group! A 2009 review stated that only a small proportion of patients do well from surgery and that the benefits of surgery must be regarded as small because in reality none of the patients were rendered free of pain and approximately 64% of patients treated by surgery still took opioids and prescription pain-killers! The surgeries can also be very risky. The surgical complication rate is about 17% with 9% of those complications being life-threatening due to infections, bleeding and embolisms! Other possible results include; an increase in your pain; possible paralysis; and in some cases death!

Pain pills and muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories and other prescription medications cause thousands to die needlessly each year from their side-effects like; stomach-bleeding; kidney and liver damage; ulcers and more. A scientific study from 2004 even showed that although there was improvement in the short term with injections, when the patients were checked just two years later over two thirds of these patients had undergone additional invasive procedures. There was a two thirds chance that you would eventually end up with an invasive spinal surgery following injections. Why would you even consider these risky options when the newest research looking at Cold Laser Decompression (CLD) technology reveals such impressive results? A 2008 study in the medical journal "Pain Practice" showed that patients suffering with low back pain for more than 12 weeks were able to reduce their pain levels from a 6 (out of ten) to less than 1 (out of 10) in just six weeks of non-surgical decompression. (The cause of the low back pain was diagnosed to be herniated and degenerated discs and the average length of time these patients had suffered was ten years. They just weren’t allowed to be included in the study unless they were hurting a minimum of 3 months!)

A report released by researchers from the "Mayo Clinic" and "Duke University" in 2007 stated that patients treated with decompression therapy reported an average lower back pain reduction of 90%. A 2006 Chart Review of 100 patients also showed exciting results. Patients that had an average pain level of approximately 6 (out of 10) found their pain reduced to less than 1 (out of 10) after their final treatments in less than 2 months! The patients also took far fewer pain medications. In 2000 and 2001 there were two landmark studies which found that patients who had the Cold Laser Decompression (CLD) therapy had 53% better improvement in neck pain and arm pain than those who just had a placebo.

A 2006 Japanese study showed that disc herniations on the MRI were discovered to shrink on the MRI compared to that before the treatment. Another American case study even showed a 100% reduction in the herniation of the disc. Why is that so amazing? Herniated discs were thought to be practically untreatable without surgery before the introduction of this incredible recent technology. Treatment with this space-age non-surgical technology is described as painless and is completely drug-free. According to the manufacturer’s FDA clearance applications there have been no reports of injury while treating about 8,000 patients per day. Many patients report that the treatments are so relaxing that they actually fall asleep during the treament. We have personally delivered over 10,000 treatments with these amazing technologies in the past few years without even a single complication or side-effect.

Ontario’s former Deputy Minister of Health (Dr. Allen Dyer MD PhD) who pioneered research on the heart defibrillator used around the world was fed up with conventional treatments for chronic conditions like lower back pain. To relieve pressures of herniated discs he invented the first spinal decompression equipment called vertebral axial decompression (spinal decompression) that actually seemed to work where old conventional traction failed. The key behind his decompression system was a specific logarithmic pulling that would pull gently on a timed curve then release gradually. A very sensitive computerized feedback sensor felt the muscle resistance and avoided it. American researchers studied this method of spinal decompression and found that the pressure in the discs would drop to below zero and actually have a NEGATIVE pressure (or vacuum) as the logarithmic pulling occurred. Patients found that with this gentle pulling cycle their back and sciatica pain was relieved.

American researchers have been investigating the effects of "Cold-Laser" therapy on healing and pain management for quite some time. European doctors had been using low level light (Cold-Laser) therapy to treat burns and scars and pain and nerve damage and speed the healing of injuries in hospitals and pain clinics. By the year 2001 there had been over 2500 laser treatment studies overseas and 2 landmark pain relief studies by Erchonia Medical which provided enough data to finally show the FDA that "Cold-Laser" therapy is safe and effective enough to be used in United States.

Through the combination of the two most advanced pain treatments we could find, proven scientific principles, the latest technological developments and the brilliant work of specialized teams of physicians and medical engineers at Erchonia and Axiom Worldwide, two American medical manufacturing companies, we can now offer our own specialized program with this type of cold laser decompression technology through the incredible DRX 9000 True Spinal Decompression System and the Erchonia PL5000 3LT Laser. The process has been clinically found to relieve pain by: Enlarging The Disc Space. Reducing Herniations. Reversing The High Intra-Disc Pressures Promoting Faster Injury HealingReducing Inflammation In simple English… Cold Laser Decompression Can Relieve Pain Fast!According to a study done by researchers from Stanford and Johns Hopkins, patients treated on the DRX reported a satisfaction rate of 8.98 out of 10. They also reported 90% improvement in back pain, and better function (measured by daily activities). AND 100% said that that they would “recommend the DRX to someone else.” Another 2004 study published in the journal Muscle Nerve looked at the effects of low-level laser on patients with arthritis and nerve pain (in this case, nerves in the arm and wrist- which affects 8 million Americans). They concluded that cold laser “may be used as a good alternative treatment method” for nerve pain.

Let’s Summarize: In a nut shell, A Canadian Medical Doctor developed the first NON-surgical spinal decompression system using the combination of a specific patented pulling curve and feedback. American researchers studied, updated, modified, and customized their own patent-pending technology with the DRX 9000 Non-surgical Decompression System. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to one another, different American pain researchers were confirming what the Europeans already knew about specific frequencies of low-level laser… that absorption by the cells speeds healing and can reduce or eliminate PAIN! And here’s the best part… The DRX and PL5000 Laser have been cleared by “The Food and Drug Administration”… You’ve gotten to know them as the “FDA”. (In fact, Erchonia was the FIRST low-level laser manufacturer given market clearance AND holds most of the patents on cold lasers!) What’s more, they’re I.S.O. certified – which means certified internationally and now helping patients in Australia, Japan, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Korea and beyond. The main conditions we’ve had success with over the last 5 YEARS are: Back and neck pain Sciatica Herniated and/or bulging discs (single or multiple) Degenerative disc disease Spinal Stenosis/ Spinal Arthritis relapse or failure following surgery/ “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome” Fibromyalgia Neuropathy (Pain, Burning, Numbness or Tingling in the Arms/legs, Hands/feet) A very important note: It’s been successful with even very severe cases… even when other invasive treatments hadn’t worked. Even after failed surgery. I’ve seen it with my own eyes!

What Are Treatments Like? After being fitted with an automatic shoulder support system, the DRX slowly lowers you to the horizontal position. You are lying face up. The automatic shoulder support system helps to stabilize your upper body. The advanced computer system automatically adjusts to the proper angle of distraction, a lordotic air bladder system acts as a fulcrum to the angle of pull, allowing us to target specific areas of compression… that are causing your pain and symptoms. The distractive forces utilize a patent-pending logarithmic curve to avoid proprioceptive response, which would create muscle spasm. Plus, the machine is constantly sensing your muscles’ resistance to the distraction forces. Thirteen times per second – in fact! When your muscles contract, the machine backs off a bit – when they “let go” it pulls more. And the split table design decrease friction and allows separation of the vertebra, minimizing the effect of gravity. Basically, you lay face up and the amazing computer simulates an “anti-gravity” effect on your back that helps herniated material return to its normal position and stop the pain. Meanwhile, Cold Laser is applied during the decompression (or directly over the skin immediately after for better absorption). Patients describe the treatment as a gentle, painless, intermittent pulling of your back. And like I said before, it can be so relaxing, many patients actually fall asleep during treatment.

How Is This Program Different From Conventional Traction Devices and Infra-Red Lights? Regular traction has been around for a long time. It’s results with back pain has been minimal at best. The big problem with traction is it pulls both the muscles and the spine. In fact, in the case of the lower back, it has not been shown to reduce disc bulges, get you back to work or lower your pain. The distraction forces come on much differently with the DRX. As described before, feedback and the specific timing of the pull makes it better than your grandfather’s traction! And researchers at the University of California found in 2005 that these distractive forces stimulate healing. This expands the space between the bones and restores nutrients and blood flow to the disc – which causes healing. MRI studies comparing regular “old” traction to spinal decompression have shown regular traction does NOT return herniated material back into the disc, while spinal decompression can and does. Patients also say treatments are extremely comfortable… even relaxing… while traction can be very uncomfortable. And unlike Infra-red therapy, the Erchonia laser does NOT get the desired pain-relieving effect by heating the tissue. (That’s why doctors call it “cold” laser. You WON’T feel it heat up!) Instead its energy is absorbed by the color-sensitive “electron-chain” pathway in the mitochondria (the energy factory of the cell) helping it produce energy more efficiently. That’s also why the laser is red [it’s in the 635nm wavelength of light which is the best absorbed color for pain-relief].

How Long Are Treatments And How Many Do You Need? Patients typically undergo 15 to 30 treatments sessions over the course of 1 to 3 months (on average). Each treatment lasts about 30-45 minutes. This, of course, depends on your individually case and is determined by a thorough evaluation. Following each session, a cold pack and electric muscle stimulation are typically applied to help pain relief and speed the healing process. It is important to note that many patients get substantial, immediate relief after just a few treatments. Some after just one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for Dr. Russ’ treatments?

Not all patients will be accepted into our program. Dr. Russ will make a determination of treatment acceptance after an initial evaluation. Dr. Russ is offering a website special where the normally $250 exam is only $45.

Are your treatments safe?

Yes, extremely safe and comfortable.

Do I need to stop taking my medications?

Please be advised that Dr. Russ will never tell you to stop taking your medications. That’s called practicing medicine without a license. As your symptoms improve during the course of care, Dr. Russ will recommend that you return to your physician to adjust your medication.

Will my insurance cover your treatments?

Every insurance policy is different and the staff at Dr. Russ’ office will check on your insurance coverage. We will advise you of any coverage or limitations of coverage before any care is initiated.

How much do your treatments cost?

It varies due to individual patient findings. After a thorough review of your case, Dr. Russ will determine the course of care for your specific case.

About Dr. Russ

Dr. Russel Schroder DC, DACNB, FACFN is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist and Fellow in the American College of Neurology. Dr. Schroder is the only Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist and Functional Neurologist in the region. Since developing the CTX Method Functional Neurology Program Dr. Schroder has helped thousands of patients find lasting pain relief and healing through his advanced non-surgical and drug-free treatments and therapy programs.

Dr. Russ has advanced post-doctoral training in Spinal Rehabilitation, Sports Injury Management, Fibromyalgia Care, Nutritional Neurology, Non-Surgical Decompression, Functional Blood Analysis, Thyroid Management, Functional Endocrinology, Motor Vehicle Injuries, Herniated, Degenerated and Bulged Disc Treatment and more.

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Dr. Russ Schroder has written several books on health. Ouch My Head! Kids and Concussions is a national Best Seller on Amazon.com. His first book revealed the behind-the-scenes details he experienced as an extra in the 2012 Avengers movie while he was completing his Neurology boards. His second book was co-authored with his wife, detailing her recovery from a lifetime of ill health and how they worked together to transform her life using the latest non-drug, non-surgical techniques.

In his most recent publication, he is the Lead Editor of a collection of research papers for medical professionals entitled Cartilage & Nerve Regeneration Research Review 2015-2016. Meticulously researched with college professor and fellow Functional Neurologist, Dr. Jinaan Jawad, it has over two thousand scientific papers from the medical literature that study different aspects of cartilage and nerve tissue regeneration and therapies that promote it.

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